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About Us

If your business is struggling financially, you need someone to speak to who can look at your business objectively and advise you on your options in an open minded and non-judgemental manner.

At Business Debt Experts, we will do just that. We understand how hard it can be to ask for help and to admit that your business is in difficulty. We also understand how much pressure you will have been under to try to resolve these issues yourself already. Because of this, we can retain a compassion and understanding for your business situation that is all too often lacking amongst other professional advisors.



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Our Experience

Our current Partners have over 160 years’ combined experience in dealing with businesses with all manner of different concerns at all different stages of their life cycles. On top of this vast experience, each Partner has personally seen the highs and lows of running a business, be it on their own account or through close family and friends.

Because of this, we will never judge your Company’s circumstances. Instead, we will advise you with consideration and strive to help you to achieve the outcome you want for your business.

We have experience in the vast majority of business sectors, having resolved a wide range of financial and commercial problems for our clients in the past. We use this experience to tailor our recovery advice specifically to your business.



How We Work

We fully appreciate that you know your business best. Because of this, we will take time to listen to you to understand the issues that you are facing and the outcome you are hoping for. We will then look at your accounts, sales and purchase ledgers to understand the financial state of the business. We will then be able to advise you on whether the business can be saved. If it can be saved we will guide you on what needs to happen to turnaround your business.

If the business can’t be saved, we will advise you on the options available to you. We will then guide you through your chosen process. We understand that you will have invested much of your time, money and heart into your business, so to accept that your business is insolvent will not be easy. However, the sooner you recognise your Company’s problems, the more options you will find you have. As such, it is important to get supportive professional advice as soon as possible.

Our Team

Peter James Anderson
Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

Alan David Fallows
Licensed Insolvency Pratitioner

Derek Morton
Team Manager

Lindsay Pilkington
Insolvency Manager

Lauren Gage
Insolvency Administrator

Nicola Melling
Insolvency Administrator

Steven Mason
Insolvency Administrator

Alex Power
Marketing Manager